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Jacqueline GOVIN, well-known textile artist especially in Japan, has been appealled in 1986 to organise two magisterial exhibitions of French Textile Art in Japan to be presented during the Season of Paris in Tokyo.

The success of those events marks a turning point in her career. In 1989/90, she trains at the European Institute of the High Level Studies of Art and Communication in Paris.

She then decides in 1992, to devote solely to the idea of curating exhibitions of textile and fibre art in France and abroad, through especially the international cultural association FIBRE ART SYNERGY, of which she is the Founder and President.

To favor international and national cultural trades, she is a member or a correspondant of the following organisations :

She collaborates regularly with several publishers and international magazines.

President of selection Jurys for the following exhibitions :
1988 : Art Mural Textile Français, in Japan
1988 : Art Textile Contemporain Français, in Japan
1995 : In the Light of Giverny - Homage to Claude Monet, in France, Japan, USA
1996 : 1st Contemporary Flax and Linen Biennale, in France, Canada
1997 : Large as an Hankerchief - Artists' hankies, in France, Germany, USA
1997 : And you, what are you doing with ribbons ?, in Japan, France
2000 : Bleu... le lin est bleu - 2ème Biennale du Lin Contemporain - France
2000 : Keeping the world sewing - Europe, USA, Japon, Australie
2002 : Feel Free - Europe, USA, Canada, Australie, Japon
2005 : Art Embroidery Portrait Gallery - Europe
2007 : Art Embroidery Still Life - Europe
2007 : Papier - Papiers - France

2009 : Art Embroidery Landscape-Let us travel - Europe

Member of selection Jurys for the following exhibitions :
1994 : International embroidery and crosstich contest of Montmorillon, in France
1995 : 1st Biennale of Embroidery Art of Bayeux, in France
1996 : Orchids in all their shapes and colors, in France, Sweden, UK, Holland
1996 : The Navy of Loire and Canals in Briare, in France
1997 : Textile creators of Duperré School, in France
1998 : 4th European quilt contest of Sainte Croix aux Mines, in France
1999 : European Quilt and Embroidery Madeira contest, in Germany
1999 : Artifil, in France
2000 : Keeping the world sewing inFrance, Sweden, USA, Germany, Australia
2001 : Feel Free, in Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, Japan
2002 : A voyage of Self-Discovery - Husqvarna Viking Contest, 2002 Masterpieces,Gallery of Quilt Art, International Houston Quilt Festival
2003 : Spirit and Strenght- Husqvarna Viking Contest, 2003 Masterpieces,Gallery of Quilt Art, International Houston Quilt Festival
2003 : Autres Dentelles / Beyond Lace- Fine Arts and Lace Museum of Calais - France

Since 2004 : Textile Art Berlin - Germany