couverture : Ina Georgeta STATESCO Orchids in all their shapes and colors
exhibition sponsored by Husqvarna Viking
1996 - Quilt Expo V Convention Center in Lyon - France
1996 - Stenungsbaden Yacht Club inGöteborg - Sweden
1996 - Quilt Festival Georges Brown Convention Center inHouston - USA

1997 - Simolia, in Parc Floral de Vincennes - France
1997 - Musée de la Marine et des Canaux in Briare - France
1997 - European Quilt in Norwich - UK
1997 - Quilt Fair Challenge in Veldhoven - Holland
The winners    
The Jury
1st Prize :
"Orchidées, Graines de folie"
Lill Nylen - Sweden
Husqvarna Viking Sweden Fashion Stylist
International Editor ZIG-ZAG Magazine
Bernard Cessieux - France
Husqvarna Viking France
General Manager
Françoise Tournier - France
Sylvie Finand - France
Suzanne Lambert - France
Editor - Les nouvelles du Patchwork
Karen O’Dowd - USA
International Editor Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine Jacqueline Govin - France
Founder of Fibre Art Synergy
Curator of International Textile Art Exhibitions
2nd Prize :
"Les orchidées captives"
Quilt Expo V Convention Center in Lyon

Why the Orchids ?

From rustic varieties that strew our countryside -a hundred in France- to the most luxuriant varieties of oriental countries, orchids constitute, in 25.000 species disseminated through almost all regions of the globe, the most numerous family of the vegetable reign.

That they appoint "Vanillas", "Tail of Fow", "Golden Rain", "Orchids-Swan", or "Cradle of Venus", their beauty and their heady perfumes, fascinate men and insects.

Their flowers, in an infinite range of colours full of brightness, evoke according to species, Indian silk shimmer, the wealth of the mottled brocards or the virginal purity of a nun's veil.

Symbol of virtue, simplicity and courage, the orchids is also a symbol of charm, elegance, feminine grace in what it has most accomplished, the love, the beauty, the perfection and the spirituality.

In homage to the ORCHIDEA -called #1+ in USA- sewing and embroidering machine, last-born of the range Husqvarna, "Orchids in all their shapes and colors", has been the theme of inspiration for french artists that each of them, to their manner, have interpreted.
Sewn, embroidered, painted, dyed, shredded, cut up, quilted... the textile here has undergone a full range of manipulations and outrages.

Between realism and abstraction, conformism and audacity, humour and poetry, works of this exhibition celebrate the revival of the textile art. They reaffirm the importance of the sewing machine as tool of creation, indispensable to all artists of the textile and even more to these that, as Picasso pleased to repeat : "My thought goes more rapidly than my hands."

Jacqueline GOVIN
Texte du catalogue de l'exposition

Stenungsbaden Yacht Club in Göteborg
List of artists
Dominique ARLOT - Geneviève ATTINGER - Jany BARTHELEMY - Catherine BOCHE - Agnès BOCKEL - Smaranda BOURGERY de BUYST - Janine CAEN - Astri CANTE - Claudie CAS - Suzy CHALAVET - Monique CLARAC - Michèle CLARES - Colette DINELLI - Christine FABRE - Agnès FORET - Francine FORTIER-PELLEGATTI - Ildiko FRANCAIS - Sophie FURBEYRE - Elisabeth GAVILLON - Elisabeth GEVREY - Pascale GOLDENBERG - Danièle GRAPIN - Nadine LAFITTE - Danielle LAI - Jocelyne LAROQUE - Marie-Louise LEROUX - Frédérique LOMBARD - Claude MAUPETIT-KASSAB - Catherine MINET - Elisa de MIRAS - Dani NESSI - Elsbeth NUSSER-LAMPE - Brigitte PAGE - Georgette PASTORET - Christine PEYRET-GAUDINO - Marie-Noëlle REVOL - Léa STANSAL - Ina-Georgeta STATESCO - Elisabeth STRAUBHAAR